Advocate Memberships

Sunflower Harbor has advocate memberships available.  
Advocate Members may vote on all issues.  
Advocates get invitations to all Sunflower Harbor events
Advocates get semi-annual news letters

Membership requirements
  • completed application
  • $50 a year dues paid by January 1
  • 50 hours per year volunteer time 
  • ⅔ vote in by current membership
  • 50% regular meeting attendance (meetings may be attended on zoom as well as in person)

All requirements must be met to become an advocate member unless special consideration is requested and given by the board of directors.
Special consideration will be considered for advocates who can not meet all requirements and still wish to be members. 
Failure to meet any requirements on any given year give automatic dismissal from Advocate Membership unless special considerations are requested and given by a vote by the board of directors. 

Apply to join

Please email Sunflower Harbor Memberships

please include
  • Name
  • Address
  • email
  • phone
  • Why you want to be an advocate member
  • donations made to Sunflower Harbor
  • Volunteer hours completed for Sunflower Harbor
  • what can you do to promote and further the cause?
  • are you a Veteran?
  • Have you ever been conviced of a felony?


Jan Turner
Michael Bolton
Darlene Kirkpatrick
Robert Kirkpatrick, II
WM. Devon Davis
Fran Miller

Our Board of Directors Officers

President Jan Turner

Secretary Darlene Kirkpatrick

Treasurer Michael Bolton

Founding Members
WM. Devon Davis
Robert Kirkpatrick, II
Jan Turner
Michael Bolton
Darlene Kirkpatrick
C. Scott Church
Fran Miller

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